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High Tech

We manufacture micro-components that are the heart of today’s latest gadgets. From drones and solar equipment, electronic cars and everything in between, we can provide the parts needed to make a big difference in the quality of your products.


At On Time we manufacture components for the Defence and Military sectors. Our customers rely on our Quality components to supply state of the art equipment to our military allies.


We excel in the manufacturing process of medical components for laboratories and research centers. Our comprehensive team runs a full line of precision CNC milling centres with 4 AXIS, 5 AXIS and 7 AXIS turning capabilities. Whether it’s small, large or specialized medical components you need, we have the latest CNC technology with the ability to precision machine all types of materials for your requirements.

Performance Racing

We have a long running passion for the racing industry, so we understand firsthand the demanding need for quality components. If you are looking to drive your performance higher and excel in competitive races we are the right precision tooling company to complete your special requirements.