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5 Ways to Get Components Right & Deliveries On Time

September 02, 2020

At On Time Precision Components, we specialize in quick, reliable and competitive precision tooling. Our team has the skill and training to service a wide range of industries using the latest technology. CNC machining offers high accuracy and tight tolerances. Here are five ways CNC technology helps us create quality precision components that are always “on time”.



From one run of products to hundreds of runs over a span of years, CNC machining has the ability to create the same product over and over again with precision accuracy - without losing any quality.


Higher Flexibility 

With advancements over the past decades, we can now produce products that have never been made before through precision machining. Customers can fully customize what they are looking for and we can create it to their exact specifications.


Large Production Quantities

CNC machining allows for large production runs while maintaining speed. With On Time Precision Components, customers never have to worry if their order is too large for us to handle. The time it takes to fulfill massive runs with CNC machines is still much faster than other traditional methods take to complete relatively small orders.


Less Labour

Simply put, CNC machines need very little human input after the initial set up. By having less manpower on each project, we are able to fully maximize on each employee’s time and skill. Less employees needed to run the machines means more time to take on other projects and orders.


Reduced Errors/Reliability

It’s not called precision machining for nothing. Reduced errors allow for an optimal flow in operations. With traditional methods, human error caused high levels of profit loss. CNC accuracy means less time fixing errors and more time to deliver on our promises to our customers.

At On Time Precision Components, our objective is to exceed our customers’ expectations with cost effective solutions for your tooling requirements. We use top of the line CNC technology to create the high quality components you need…as always…On Time!