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Local Production vs Importing

October 30, 2018

Should you invest in producing your product parts in Canada or cut costs and have them imported from overseas? While in the short run you may save on money with the latter, goods from an international market usually end up costing you in the long run. At On Time Precision Components, we make sure our clients are well taken care of and work diligently to ensure customer satisfaction. Here’s why we think local is always your best option.


1. Improved Communication

When dealing with a domestic seller, customer service abilities are without a doubt improved. Not only can language barriers become a huge headache, with time zone differences and mass producers trying to service a very large customer base, good communication can be hard to achieve when importing goods. At On Time Precision Components, we’re able to answer you in a timely manner with full transparency. Providing a positive customer experience and working together to produce the best end result are at the heart of who we are as a company.


2. Lead Times/Shipping Speeds

Just like our name says, we provide exceptionally fast service without sacrificing the quality of work. By utilizing our CNC technology, we can confidentially say that every project we work on will be completed with the highest degree of knowledge and value. When purchasing abroad, you open yourself up to buying cheaper products and may need to wait weeks for them to arrive.


 3. Quality Assurance

If the products you order aren’t as you originally intended, having production done locally means you won’t have to wait weeks for the revisions to be completed. Getting this same level of help through an international seller may be tougher and once again, shipping speeds will have a real impact on your timeline.


4. Cost vs Quality

Importing components may be an enticing choice because of the lower costs up front but is it really worth it? These products are produced in large masses which reduces the cost per unit (often referred to as economies of scale). However, for this to be cost effective, the best materials are rarely used. By choosing On Time Precision Components, you’ll be able to customize your order with the materials that are ideal for your product that will withstand the test of time. Distinguish yourself from your competition with quality products your customers can depend on.


Looking for a quote on your next project. On Time Precision Components is dedicated to providing cost efficient solutions for all your precision component needs with outstanding customer service.


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