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A Breakdown of Roles at On Time Precision Components

August 21, 2019

At On Time Precision Components, we produce parts for industries developing technology that will shape our future. Our team of skilled professionals are dedicated to completing each project to spec – from start to finish.

Looking to start a rewarding career? Here is a breakdown of each of our roles:

CNC Programmers

  •  Create simple 2D and complex 4 axis toolpaths using CAD software Milling and turning
  • Create CAD (Computer-Aided Design) models
  • Create CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programs with complete set up instructions, verify posts.
  • Maintain and back up all CAD / CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) records

Set Up Machinists

  • Set up CNC machines with the program and set up instructions provided
  • Load fixtures and tools for the operator, set and enter all required offsets (work and tool)
  • Perform first part run off for approval, including any “tweaks” required at machine.
  • Perform feedback to programmer with any required modifications to program (final program at machine must be updated in computer to be identical and stored.) Communication with programmers is essential.

CNC Machinists

  • Load and machine parts to customer specifications
  • Perform necessary inspections to ensure parts meet customer specifications
  • Complete all in-process inspection records
  • Perform tool offsets to maintain part specifications
  • Work to schedule/meet daily production requirements
  • Perform daily/monthly machine preventive maintenance requirements and complete all required documentation

Quality Control / CMM Technician

  • Create CMM programs to inspect parts
  • Create and maintain CMM reports for customer parts
  • Complete FAIR documents to customer specifications
  • Quality control of in-process inspection on shop floor
  • Liaison with quality department of customer to insure smooth flow of conforming parts.


  • Pack product in a manner to avoid and shipping damage. Or to customer requested packaging requirements.
  • Develop mailing labels and shipping documents
  • Ensure that all orders have been filled correctly and all necessary paperwork is completed and accompanies shipments.
  • Keep records of all products shipped and received

We also offer in-house training and apprenticeships for individuals that have a high school education or higher. Take the first step into a fulfilling career with On Time Precision Components today!

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