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Custom Product Development for the Performance Racing Industry

November 12, 2019

If there is one thing we love at On Time Precision Machining, it’s going fast! That’s why when a client came to us needing additional speed, we designed and machined a custom carburetor spacer to give them a boost in the performance racing industry.

What is a Carburetor Spacer (or Carb Spacer)?

A carb spacer gives the manifold a long neck which increases the volume of the intake’s plenum as well as the distance between the manifold and the bottom of the carburetor. The increases created by the carb spacer generate the space needed for the intake mixture to straighten out, making it easier for the engine to take in more cool air. Essentially, this causes it to run more efficiently.

Our Solution

Using our in-house tooling systems, we created increased fuel atomization as well as improved horsepower, torque, and throttle response in the engine. A computer-aided engineering program was then used to test and perfect the air and fuel flow throughout the plenum. Scallops in the carburetor base were machined to change fuel flow characteristics and improve air and fuel distribution to each cylinder…improving performance in a big way!

We tried many designs for the spacer before fabricating a final product that will provide an extra push for a winning drag race performance.

How can we get you across the finish line in your industry? Contact On Time Precision Components or request a free quote online today!