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Custom Valve Covers

September 02, 2020

On Time Precision Components takes pride in bringing your ideas to life. That’s why, when a client came to us needing valve covers for his vintage restored vehicle, we became his one-stop-shop solution. 


Let’s take a deeper look at the project:


With our in-house machining and testing, we were able to complete this job quickly and efficiently without losing the vintage charm that the Acadian deserves. From start to finish, our customer only had to visit us twice, once for his initial request, and once more to finish his completed product. 


We had the equipment and know-how to get the job done:


Using the latest CAD Mastercam software and a vertical CNC mill, we were able to create these custom valves for a 406 small block that will be going into the customers modified and restored Pontiac Acadian. Our customer wanted something that fit his personality, and with valve covers this nice, we definitely exceeded that task. For an added bonus, these valve covers are 100% custom – you won’t find anything like them on a shelf! 


Customer satisfaction was our #1 priority, as always:


We completed all of the design and development for this project in-house, including creating models for our customer to approve before machining. Getting the customer’s sign-off ensured their satisfaction, resulting in less time and product wasted during the production period. 


After some initial back and forth, we were able to tweak the model and machine exactly what our client was looking for. To help save our customer even more money, we used an existing set of valve covers as a base with modifications. This resulted in a faster lead time because the covers did not have to be manufactured from billet materials. Now that the project is complete, our client will paint these valve covers a beautiful bright blue to match the exterior of the vehicle. 


Interested in what else we can do? On Time Precision Components specializes in performance racing, medical, military, and high-tech sectors. We even work on air cleaners, custom pulleys, mounts, brackets, wire looms, wheel center caps, and light or A/C vent bezels. We can replicate difficult to find, original pieces to keep your restoration authentic. 


Just call or send your ideas and we can bring your imagination to life, with one-of-a-kind custom parts! Contact us today, or fill out your FREE quote to get started.